Give thanks. Get crypto.
Meet nice people.

$THANKS is a cryptocurrency that you earn by expressing gratitude. It gets you access to a private community of the nicest people on the internet.

We're celebrating $THANKSgiving by giving $THANKS to everyone giving thanks on this site until December 1st.

Are you part of an online community like Product Hunt, On Deck or Random#Generator? We're airdropping extra $THANKS to the members of whichever community gives the most thanks. Check out the leaderboard below!

$THANKS - A community and token for the nicest people on the internet | Product Hunt

1. Give thanks

Say what you're thankful for on this site or mention @thethankful_ on Twitter.

2. Get $THANKS

You'll be sent a link to collect your $THANKS on

3. Join the Discord

Now you can join a private discord server exclusive to people holding $THANKS.

See what everyone is thankful for

All of the submissions are automatically posted to @thethankful_ on Twitter anonymously.

Join THE THANKFUL community

After you collect your $THANKS, you will be able to access our private discord server of the nicest people on the internet.

  • Weekly events (e.g. Friday gratitudes)

  • $THANKS airdrops

  • Genuinely kind people

The Most Thankful Community

Win $THANKS for your community

Are you part of an online community? Which ever community gives the most thanks by the end of November will get a special airdrop of more $THANKS to all of its members

What is $THANKS?

$THANKS is a cryptocurrency. It's like Bitcoin, except instead of representing monetary value, it represents good will and kindness.

THE THANKFUL community behind $THANKS is nascent. Our goal is to be the center of gravity for philanthropy and kindness in the (crypto) world. We're starting with a tight-knit Discord community but will eventually build a charity DAO and other world-positive products.

By holding $THANKS, you have the ability to influence the direction of this incredible community and make a meaningful impact in the world.

Want some $THANKS?

Say what you're thankful for and instantly get 100 $THANKS!

Who did this?

$THANKS is an experiment from Social Studies, a newsletter and product studio exploring what it means to be human in the context of modern technology.

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